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Black River Paintball History

Started in the early 90's, Black River Paintball has seen many faces and has existed in many locations through out the Raleigh area.   Our "Coats" location was where it all began and continues to be our strong hold for new and old players alike.  The "Coats" or Raleigh location has seen paintball grow from its infant stages of 12 gram pump guns to the fully automatic electronic markers of today.  Every step of the way, the BR Paintball experience has evolved and is now what makes us the choice of all North Carolina paintball players. 

Over the years, the BR experience has grown and has now expanded into the Fayetteville, FT Bragg area.  The military has always been a big market for paintball everywhere and our newest facility has seen great success with our Army clientel.   Our partnerships with MWR and other local businesses continue to provide a customer base that is always growing and is constantly looking for that next adrenaline rush that only Black River Paintball can provide.

Safety is our number one priority with all

The Black River Paintball Park is located south east of the city of Raleigh, in Angeir, North Carolina.  Our park has a huge fleet of rental paintball equipment, including all the equipment needed to have a great day of safe paintball.  Our staging area features covered pavilions with easy access to bathroom facilities and our BR Cafe.



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