What is Low Impact Paintball?



Low Impact paintball allows players whom are looking for the excitement of traditional paintball without the fear of getting hurt.  The fear of being hit or leaving a bruise is a big deterrent for would be first time paintball players.  Our Low Impact Paintball program is specfically designed to eliminate that fear of being hit while providing the "real deal" experience of what paintball is all about.  Play the same games on the same fields as our traditional paintball games.  Come see what Low Impact Paintball is all about at Black River Paintball.  We offer 3 different packages for you to choose from:

Low Impact Paintball is only available as a PRIVATE party and requires a reservation, not available as a general admission item.

Low Impact Paintball Basic Party:  up to 6 players with 90 minutes of private play.

Low Impact Paintball Private Party:  up to 10 players with 3 hours of private play.

Low Impact Paintball Platinum Party:  up to 10 players with 3 hours of private play with all the bells and whistles to make this our best party package available.


      • Low Impact paintball equipment is specially engineered to reduce the speed of the paintball being fired thus delivering lighter impacts.  
      • Utilizing light-weight materials, low impact paintballs are actually smaller and travel at a slightly slower speed than traditional paintball markers. 
      • Low Impact allows players to maneuver and play with the confidence of not getting hurt and without sacrificing the experience of traditional paintball. 
      • Low Impact Paintball is perfect for kids, corporate outings, and beginner players who may be hesitant or maybe just want to get their feet wet with low impact paintball before moving up to our traditional paintball platform.







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